Józef Poniatowski

Józef Poniatowski by Josef Grassi


Prince Josef Poniatowski is one of the most underrated historic figures in Polish history. Pepi as he was called by close friends, was colourful character as he was famous for his parties, numerous bets but most importantly for being a great soldier, leader and commander. He would always care about his subordinates, for him they were like a family. Josef Poniatowski was awarded many times for his military achievements, but the highest distinction was the title of the marshal of France received from the famous Napoleon. He was the only foreigner awarded with this rank in France history. 

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Zbigniew Eugeniusz Religa

‘The heart wants what it wants’ – does it, really? Not with Professor Religa! A biography of the pioneer of human heart transplantation in Poland.


Zbigniew Religa watching his patient’s vital signs after the 23-hour-long operation.
The photo of the year 1987 acc. to National Geographic.


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Benedykt Polak

An older Marco Polo



Most people have heard of Marco Polo, the great Italian explorer, probably the first European to wander the great expanse of land that is Asia and write a chronicle about his journey. Far fewer people know that a Polish monk referred to as “Benedykt Polak” had been sent on a mission to travel to Mongolia almost 10 years before Marco was even born.

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Krzysztof Komeda Trzciński

Living a passionate life in the time of Communist occupation



Living in a period when during your lifetime the most devastating war in the entire history of your planet strikes your country - and after such terrifying phenomenon it is taken over by Communist regime - is for some still not enough to lose motivation. They stubbornly pursue their dreams and fulfill their passion. The genius world-famous jazz pianist, Krzysztof Komeda was one of them.

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Jerzy Grotowski

Polish avangarde theatre director



“When he was asked, what was the difference between a movie, television and theatre, his answer was: a direct, active relationship between an actor and a spectator. He reduced the division between stage and audience- he got rid of decorations and focused on actors exclusively. He was able to create an ocean from a floor, a confessional from a table and a magical place from an abandoned, forgotten ruin called theatre.”


Grotowski - born on the 11th of August 1933 in Poland.

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Julian Dunajewski

The man who saved Austrian economy



In 1880 for the first time in the history of the Austro- Hungarian Empire, a Pole became a Minister of Treasury. He occupied this position for 11 years. His significant impact on Austro- Hungarian economy can still be seen in his portrait which hangs in the Austrian parliament. Dunajewski is remembered as a person who saved Vienna from a financial catastrophe but also created a budget surplus.


But how has his journey began?

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Josef Piłsudski

Dictator or the saviour of Poland?



Josef Piłsudski is definitely a figure of great controversy. Some see him as a national hero, others a militaristic dictator. Certain however is the fact that Piłsudski remains one of the most important Poles in history.

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Henryk Sienkiewicz

A Writer to Comfort Polish Hearts



To this day Henryk Sienkiewicz is considered as one of the greatest and most influential writers in Polish history. As the author of globally recognized pieces such as “Quo Vadis”, for which he received a Nobel price, and the great trilogy: "With Fire and Sword", "The Deluge" and "Fire in the Steppe", Sienkiewicz made his mark on the world of world literature and proved that even in times of defeat and sorrow there is still a place for hope and pride.

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