Pola Negri

The Great Hollywood Star



One of the most recognisable actresses of the American silent cinema. Pola Negri, called the “Hollywood’s first femme fatale”1 was not only a film star, but also theatre actress and recording artist, known worldwide.

1 Kotowski M. (2014). Hollywood’s first femme fatale. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky.

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Ryszard Kukliński

One Against Them All



Ryszard Kukliński is one of the most controversial Poles of the last few decades. Kukliński had been handing over top-secret Soviet military information to the CIA between 1971 and 1981, which probably prevented the Cold War from becoming ‘hot’.


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Eugeniusz Bodo

The First Polish Celebrity



He was a renowned actor, a star in film and theatre, and legend of the 1930’s entertainment. With his career spanning for two decades, he proved his talent on many fields, and came to amass a great fortune. His promising life came to meet a very tragic end, in the circumstances that were hidden for many years after his death. Meet Eugeniusz Bodo, the first polish celebrity.

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